About Us:

Interconnection-Uganda Ltd (ICU) is a social enterprise dedicated to spreading the
use of information Communication Technologies (ICT) in Uganda. ICU was the first
Microsoft Authorized Computer Refurbishing Center in Uganda, started in 2007 as a
spin-off from the successful Computers for Uganda (CFU) school computers donation
program. ICU works in partnership with Computers for Uganda such that it donates
10% of the refurbished computers to CFU.


Interconnection Uganda builds a concrete foundation to close the gap between digital
divide in Uganda by offering high quality refurbished computers to IT projects in Uganda
and neighboring Countries like Southern Sudan at cost price. “A computer for everyone…………………….
 Interconnection-Uganda is a nationwide distributor of computers, peripherals components
and software for the PC marketplace. Interconnection-Uganda has been able to partner
with vendors and dealers who are on the leading edge of technology and innovation.


It can start as dream but we opt to make sure that all families in Uganda can acquire
a computer. Before the target was barred
We say computers are no longer luxurious equipments. It is just like a knife at home,
keys for homes and offices. It can be a tool for wealth, self protection and road to

A word from the President:

It would be our hope that the people gaining from the introduction of ICT in Uganda will themselves contribute and ‘pay back’ in supporting the education of future generation of ICT entrepreneurs—thus completing the cycle of education, relevance and opportunity...

Frederick Winses - President

You can read the full Inspiring Speech at the Grand Opening here.

Source of the Machines:

Our major sources are Interconnection-Seattle in USA, UK and Germany.

In Country Refurbishment

We have high rated software that we use to wipe all the hard drives, upgrade hardware
and install Microsoft licensed software. At ICU dedicated skilled technical staff endorse
and certify work done in accordance to our strict procedures and standards at all
production levels to guarantees high quality production, this makes our ICT equipments
one of the best in Uganda.
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